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Here are some other places where you can go to find the fun.

Because even though I want to, I can't keep you all to myself.


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I'm easy that way.

Links and Affiliates




Kayelle Allen.com

Rick R. Reed.com

Denise Belinda McDonald

Ava March

Damon Suede

D. H. Starr

Ellis Carrington

Jourdan Lane

Laura Baumbach

Lynn Lorenz

P. A. Brown

Rebecca Leigh Romance

Tilly Greene.com

 Shelley Munro

Cameron Dane

Chris Owen 

Deanna Wadsworth

Dickey Duane

Drew Zachary

Jodi Payne

Lee Rowan

Missy Welsh

Penny Brandon

Ruth Sims





Writers Cafe.org

Awesome Dude

The Cove





The Grotto






Torquere Press


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