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Next Step
[5,500 words, NC-17]
Interested in this information, Tyler looked up, gazing into Jackson’s light blue eyes.
“You don’t fold socks?”

"Next Step" is the sequel to "While Wearing Jeans."
Big Idea
[4,000 words, NC-17]
“I almost forgot!  Did I ever tell you about my idea for the trunk extender?”
The Adventures of Jonathan Jackmore
[3 short stories, NC-17]
Author's note: a short series of short stories; fun and parody.  Fortunately or otherwise, this is not my usual work; please scroll down this page for more short stories in my regular style.
The Hitchhiker
[1,500 words, PG]
“One look from those big brown eyes and I was defenseless.”
Stupid Question
[3,900 words, NC-17]
If Trent dated someone who wore make-up, it should be a girl, a girl with shell-pink lipstick that smudged when she licked his lollipop.
"Stupid Question" is the sequel to "Incredible."
Third and Madison
[6,500 words, NC-17]
“You’re sexy when I’m happy.”
While Wearing Jeans
[6,000 words, R]
“No one should fall in love and get a zit on the same day, it just shouldn’t be done.”
The List
[3,200 words, R]
Waking up that first morning and smelling Robert on his sheets instead of Michael…
Customer Service
[2,000 words, R]
“You’re a customer, did he service you?”
[8,300 words, R]
...maybe there was something down that road, calling to him.
I Dare You
[10,900 words, NC-17]
It was about sex, it was all about sex, but there was much, much more to it than that.
Have You Met Lucas?
[4,900 words, NC-17]
“Lucas is fascinating, but he can never get a date,” Hayden said.
Cruel, Cruel World
[1,800 words, PG]
“They must have spent the last few years doing something together in that small town, and it wasn’t cow-tipping.”
Perfect on Paper
[1,700 words, PG]
His mouth wanted him to go back for at least one more kiss. His dick wanted to go back for a lot more than that.
Who Knew
[5,000 words, NC-17]
He was being emotional and irrational and hormone-driven but he couldn’t imagine how he’d ever been different.
Teaching Sunflower
[1,700 words, NC-17]
Jimmy had this weird, irritating way of always being right. "Teaching Sunflower" is the sequel to "Still Sunflower."
X Read "Still" first and X "Teaching" second.  Thanks.
Still Sunflower
[1,900 words, PG]
...he’s stubborn, he’s gorgeous, he’s persuasive, and he knows that I can’t live without him...
Purple and Magenta
[2,300 words, PG]
“Are you this friendly with everyone?”
[2,900 words, NC-17]
“You’re the only guy I’ve ever respected enough to keep my hands off of. You’re the only person I’ve ever loved for more than three days.”
[4,200 words, R]
“Apparently, Bryan and Bryce have never dated the same guy before, so this is all new territory for them.”
[3,600 words, R]
That simple glimpse of love and happiness was more powerful than any forceful thrust.
[3,400 words, NC-17]
“Tell me why I can’t stop needing to be with someone I’ve never met.”
[3,400 words, PG]
“I don’t remember ever sitting down and deciding that we were boyfriends,” Anderson said.   “I don’t remember making that decision.  It just…happened.”
The Forever Time
[3,400 words, PG-13]
Alec runs into someone from his past.
My Last Boyfriend Was a Swimmer
[2,400 words, PG-13]
Jamie's afraid of commitment, and Carson loves being a boyfriend, but they have more in common than they realize.
Two Bodies
[18,600 words, NC-17]
Bruce and Cory study the laws of physics.
Blind Date
[4,200 words, PG]
Ryan begins to reconsider his first date rules.
Taking Inventory
[5,700 words, NC-17]
Troi and Jix are on a quest.
[4,900 words, NC-17]
John's a workaholic.  Derek has handcuffs.
[4,600 words, NC-17]
Jason's not a swimmer, but he never misses practice.
[2,900 words, NC-17]
Fantasy, meet reality.
[2,700 words, NC-17]
Danny is early.  Ryan comes right on time.
Ten Weird Things
[11,200 words, NC-17]
Charles is vegisexual.  Shana licks pizza.  Eric's new roommate David may be the most normal thing in his life.

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