Off the Record

  The first novel from Matthew Haldeman-Time is here!  Off the Record is witty, romantic, and satisfyingly steamy.  If you are a fan of gay erotica looking for a solid romantic plotline, this is the book for you!

     Jordan Jennings inherited both fame and fortune as the only son of a silver screen starlet and the grandson of two Hollywood legends.  Because of his infamous birth (and famous parentage), Jordan's every move made the headlines, and he soon learned that the only way to keep the media out of his life was not to have a life at all. Charged with keeping his family's secrets, as well as his own, he put aside his own desires long ago for the sake of family pride and grew up to become a hopeless hermit. With the chance of love on the horizon, will Jordan have to sacrifice his family's reputation in order to have a life of his own?

     Patrick Wright was a fearless reporter whose career was headed straight to the top. He was a man who knew what he wanted and always went after it. With money, success, and a very healthy social life, Patrick was living the dream. He had no idea that anything was missing until he met Jordan. Jordan's polished manners, incredible looks, and honest desire were an irresistible combination that Patrick just couldn't do without. But when his career hangs in the balance and Patrick is faced with losing everything he's worked so hard to achieve, will his love for Jordan conquer all?

     When you order Off the Record, along with the printed book you will receive a code that gives you access to the Exclusives section of this site. The exclusives are like special features on a DVD. You'll find deleted scenes, author commentary, banners, desktop wallpaper, and new short stories featuring the characters of Off the Record.

Reader reviews
Stephanie considers Off the Record "a can't miss read."

"It's hard to imagine a more satisfying read than Matthew Haldeman-Time's Off the Record.
Sensuous and steamy enough for those times when only a hot and sexy read will do, yet still solid, well constructed and character-driven enough that you're not ashamed of yourself in the morning. Haldeman-Time produces heroic characters so realistically flawed and utterly believable that I expect to meet them standing in line at the Starbucks on Santa Monica and Doheny.

"Compulsively readable, you'll be tempted to gulp it down in one sitting, but sip this one slowly if you can. Take your time and Off the Record will reward you not only with gorgeous prose and turns of phrase you'll be hearing in your head for days, but characters that will live in your memory like old friends."
Jane Dewsbury says that Off the Record left her breathless.

"Wonderful fully developed characters...and excellent descriptive narrative of places and settings. ... [T]he reader is gasping and screaming for more...more...  ...  The dialogue is minimal but packs a punch!  Their love when consummated is nothing short of breathtaking!  Beautiful, sensual, touching, erotic.  Let us not forget that there is also a terrific story that is an added bonus for the reader!  Looking forward to more...more...more from this author."
Patrick Murphy calls Off the Record a "great read with true LOL passages."

"This was just a fun read. Haldeman-Time, in the first pages of the book, manages to create and maintain a palpable tension between his main characters. Will they get together? Won't they? The reader, absorbed into the narrative, is as much in the dark as they are.

"The sex scenes were a little more explicit than I expected
, but what the heck. That's the joy of sex, catching your partner by surprise."
Marty N. Grogan says:

"Off The Record
is a tightly constructed and well-written novel. Exploring the pressures to conform to an old Hollywood set of social pressures and values in the current, media-obsessed world of celebrity, the main characters, Jordan Jennings and Patrick Wright, discover a true relationship and the possibility of lasting love.

"Matthew Haldeman-Time has managed to combine a credible and fascinating plotline with an emotional, sexy roller coaster of a story. His closely observed characters are real and convincing. You sense and experience the gut-wrenching, passionate and raw emotions that they are both going through in the development and realization of a loving, and ultimately, thought-provoking bond.

"A focused piece of writing that is appealing and infinitely readable."

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