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I write gay erotic romance. All over this site youll find stories about guys falling in love with each other, having sex with each other, and generally enjoying a great time together. The men are hot, the sex is explicit, and the endings are happy.

I write both original fiction and fan fiction. If you want to sink your teeth into something long and satisfying, I have novels and some long stories. If you want a quick read, please check out the short stories. If you want to step into a whole world of humor, drama, hot guys, and easy sex, I have a series called In This Land with weekly updates.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope that youll enjoy your stay! Youre welcome to contact me on Twitter or tumblr.

The fiction on this site is intended for adults only. When I write, I have an adult audience in mind, which is why the sex is so explicit. If I wrote for a younger audience, my fiction would be very different.

I realize that I have no control over who visits this site, and I know that teenagers sometimes read my work because theyve contacted me. If youre under 18, all I can do is say to you what I said to them: You seem like a great person, and Im really grateful that youre interested in my work. Please come back when youre an adult, and well have a great time together.

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[14,500 words, NC-17] Xiumin/Luhan

“Everything hurts and the weirdest things feel good and I think that Im afraid of water. Its easier, its better, when Im with you, when were touching. I think that I kind of He swallowed. Shit, this was awkward. I think that I kind of want you.

How to Win a Steak Dinner
[16,600 words, NC-17] Sunggyu/Dongwoo

Ill bet you a steak dinner that you cant even get him to do it for you.

The Seduction of 조 (Part 3)
[3,800 words, NC-17] L.Joe/Changjo

Embarrassing, impossible responses had flown into his mind. I think that youre beautiful. I think that I could go out of my mind with wanting you. I think that I have to have you.

Sehun's New Friend
[12,500 words, NC-17] EXO, L.Joe/Sehun
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
Its okay, Suho said, touching his arm, smiling reassuringly. Im not mad at you. Its just important to be careful. To be smart. Okay? If we make new friends, anything we do puts their reputations at risk, too.
New friends? Suddenly alert, Sehun felt his breath coming faster. Is there someone?
There will be, Suho promised him. Im working on it.
L.Joe's New Friend
[7,200 words, NC-17] Teen Top, L.Joe/Sehun
Content warning for elements of BDSM.
Itll be good if L.Joe hyung can make a new friend, he said. Its been hard on him, not having anyone he can really be himself with.

Affair in Paradise
[10,600 words, NC-17]

They were only two days into their vacation, but Adam had dozens of questions. Like, where was Brett from, and why had he come on this tour, and was he single, and how did he get his light, crystal blue eyes to sparkle like that?

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How do you like your men? Confident and lusty? Cool and witty? Blunt and brawny? Light-hearted and horny? Ice-cold yet crackling with power? Are you looking for someone who swoons happily at the first sign of romance or someone with a sarcastic retort for every situation? Maybe I could interest you in a politically sophisticated world traveler or a provincial, slightly hairy prince?

In This Land is an erotic romance in a fantasy setting. Enjoy hot guys, fun sex, romance, drama, and weekly updates! You read that right: new fiction every week! Click here for more.

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